About Us

About Us

Almost 25 years ago we started as one of Hawaii’s first computer graphics firms working on state-of-the-art Computers with 512K of memory. Imagine…We began providing businesses with high quality technology and overseeing their business needs.

By 1999, our client’s business demand grew to a level that allowed us to launch a locally based company with the largest equipment on any of the neighbor islands. Eleven years later, we partnered up with some of the best companies around. Today, we are able to focus our efforts on helping clients save money by utilizing all of the industries newest and most efficient equipment from many leading companies and matching up the equipment best suited to that particular project. So, by bringing together a client’s project with the company best suited for that project and utilizing companies that we gain wholesale volume discounts from, we are able to offer the best quality products efficiently produced on the newest equipment at unbeatable savings due to our experience, our coordination and our volume of business. Therefore in most all cases, A2P Hawaii can save you money by overseeing/coordinating your needs and passing on the wholesale savings rather than you handling it on your own at full price.

Since our inception, we expanded our services to include Hospitality industry Consulting, Business Research, Analysis, Budgeting, Problem Solving, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation and Media Relations to better service our customers. We look forward to the opportunity to save you money and help your business grow.
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Hawaii Printing Services Wholesale Direct Printing

Check out our Every-Day-Low Wholesale-Direct Rackstand Printing Specials

Whether you have a tourist related business that utilizes the local distribution company's rackstands and need a lot of brochures or a small business needing only a few, we can help you save money on your next order.

Best Hosting and Web Design

See our Web Design, Re-Design & Hosting Specials

Whether you have a tourist-related business needing bookings or a retail store selling widgets, we can customize a site to get your sales moving. Or, maybe you just need a fresh and up-to-date makeover of your current site.